Activities in Lamu for your holidays

On the beach of Shella

Directly on the beach of Shella, you are well placed to enjoy all the water based activities available during your holiday: swimming, sailing, diving, water skiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kite surfing, fishing ... it's right there, on your doorstep, ideal for both adults and children.

We also suggest to go at least once to Manda Island, just opposite on the other side of the water, to see the hatching of baby turtles and watch as the intrepidly entre the sea ... an incredible experience! Overall, you will be amazed by the exuberance of fauna and flora. From September to May, it is just the season to go swimming with dolphins. From July to December, it's time for whales – just amazing! It is also a wonderful fishing spot ... small, at the foot of the house and in the bay off shore: tuna, barracuda and the legendary swordfish!

During your stay, you will dive around the coral island Manda Toto or around the Kinika rock, it’s a great spectacle, thousands of bright fish! You will also embark on a “dhow” right on the beach in front of the house for a wonderful sunset cruise through the maze of mangroves, or you could  leave for the day to sail around Lamu Island by boat with picnic. Relaxation, tranquillity and wonder guaranteed!

Finally, held 5 times a year at least, the famous racing dhows bring together the best yachts and sailors of the archipelago. New Year, for the Festival of Maulidi, Easter, August and the Lamu Festival in end November, it’s a show every time!


Whether you head off with Youssouf, Boya, Massiga, Salim, Nawaf, Baba, Captain Babu or Aswif, all the captains here are friends and are competence and kindness personified. Sailing with them, sail or motor, is always a moment of relaxation and pure happiness, to gossip, to laugh a lot too. To repeat often!


Several fishing options are offered from Shella Beach. From small-scale in the “channel” just in front of the house, where the bream get caught with shrimp, up until King Fish, tuna, and the legendary swordfish further out to the ocean. For deep sea fishing, Babu will organize an outing with Nils Korchen on Little Toot, particularly well equipped. Plan to take just a little sun lotion and a camera - as it is often during these fishing trips that the enormous black backed and white bellied whales appear!


Regularly and a minimum of 5 times a year, take place renowned regattas that bring together the best teams in the archipelago of Lamu. Each time, in an electric atmosphere, sailboats engage in feats of balance and tactics worthy of the best world championships. The whole village celebrates. These races take place during the Maulidi festival, Easter, in August, at the end of November for Cultural Festival, and for New Year. These are beautiful to look at and to shoot!


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